About me

I am an economist working on climate change. Through my research, I aim to help measure the financial risks and costs of climate change, in order to manage them and improve the economic resilience of underserved communities. My doctoral dissertation contributes to this goal by focusing on bank lending and sovereign debt default, using a range of statistical and numerical modeling tools.

Originally trained to be an anthropologist and having started my career in international relations, I have followed a nonlinear path to economics and finance. Thanks to this background, I understand the advantage of interdisciplinary solutions to complex problems like climate change. An integrator with technical depth, I have the ability to communicate and collaborate across multiple disciplines, and to inform a diverse set of stakeholders in their decision-making.

Currently I am working with the Coastal Resilience Lab to develop pricing and valuation tools for nature-based solutions to climate adaptation. Prior to the PhD, I worked as a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I have also interned as a data scientist with Apple Inc., where I developed an interactive data visualization app, and contributed to a deep reinforcement learning project.


Ted Liu

Economist & Data Scientist